Region 8 - Trusted Servants

Board Officers

Committee Chairs


Service Job Descriptions

Board Members -



The Chair is responsible for unity and group conscience of Region 8. Establishes, maintain, and presides the agenda for all Board Meetings and Business Sessions. Attends the World Service Business Conference. The Chairman is the deciding vote when there is a tie. 


The Vice Chair assumes all duties of Chairman in his/her absence and coordinates all Business Assemblies by assisting Intergroups bidding for or hosting a business assembly. The Vice-Chair Approves Flyers/registration forms being posted on the Region 8 Website.


The Secretary records the minutes of all meetings; creates and distributes the assembly packet; and maintains the tape library of past business assemblies.


The Treasurer is responsible for accounts receivable; accounts payable; bank deposits and reconciliations; collecting and distributing mail; filing taxes; and reports Region 8 financial status.

WS Regional Trustee

Assists as needed in the organization and operation of service structures within region 8 and acts as a liaison between the Board of Trustees and the region wide membership. Each Region Trustee serves a three-year term on the World Service Board of Trustees. Although each Region Trustee represents a specific Region, s(he) serves Overeaters Anonymous as a whole. Trustees meet four times a year to conduct OA business.


Elections will be held annually in November. Each Board member is elected for a two-year term: Chairman and Treasurer in odd years; Vice-Chairman and Secretary in even years.